Does Your Smartphone Need a Little TLC?

Robbie Williams made a shock announcement recently which if we are honest, we are still struggling to comprehend. It would appear that the hit-maker doesn’t own a mobile phone and hasn’t done since 2006. 

That means that when he last had a device he was probably playing snake and hoping he didn’t exceed the text limit in his phone. His reasons are simple in that he “just doesn’t like them”. Admittedly, as an international figure, he has a small army of people to cater to his needs so possibly won’t ever find himself stuck outside hunting for an Uber, looking for a Tinder date or trying to find the nearest Pizza Express. 

All his social media accounts are handled by his team – he is famously banned from having the passwords as it he doesn’t trust himself to post!

Is this a growing trend? Well, not really. There are a few more cases of those who wish to live their life without the joy of a smartphone. However, they also tend to live a life that doesn’t quite reflect the average person – specifically Elton John and Kanye West who also live without smartphones. We now see our phones as a necessary extension of every facet of our lives. They are often the first thing we see in the morning and last thing we see at night, so unless becoming a world-famous singer then the chances are you’ll be with yours for a while. 

So what is new on the market at the moment? Well with Black Friday and Cyber Monday in our midsts there are some amazing deals around. However, that doesn’t mean you should get blinded by something shiny and new that will end up eating into your savings.

If your phone is a bit bashed, running slow or has a cracked screen then why not pop in to one of our shops and look at what we can do to help? There’s no need to upgrade when we can be on hand to look at battery issues, data recovery, camera faults, keypad faults or whatever you can throw at us. 

Our trained staff will work out what the best option is for you and as we are independent you know that the advice you receive will be impartial and offer the best fix! 

If you need our advice or know what it is you need then Cell Tech Stockton Heath is located just off London Road. Alternatively, if Cell Tech Knutsford is closer to home then you can find us at 8 Minshull Street or if you would prefer to call before you come in our number is 01925 860 444.

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