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It won’t surprise any of us to know that our mobile phones are one of the most important relationships we have. Whether it be for business, social or pleasure it is the one thing that binds us all: The need for connectivity. Of course, when mobile phones were launched they were used to make telephone calls. When was the last time you made a telephone call? Actually waited for the ring tone and spoke to a real human? If you had to think then don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Ofcom have just released figures that mean a quarter of mobile phone users make less than five standard phone calls a month and six per cent none at all! Why is this? Surely the whole reason for having a phone is to connect – and connection in 2019 is a long way away from having a chat. 

Connection today depends on who you are and who you are connecting with to dictate your favoured method of communication. Facebook is still the daddy of them all – 2 billion users worldwide make it the number one way we can keep up to date with our current and former lives. If you’re more interested in the visual aspect of connection then Instagram is for you – make your way past endless selfies and you can find stunning photography, incredible artwork and much more. 

Want to be at the forefront of breaking news and commentary? Then Twitter is still the place to hang out giving unparalleled access to celebrities, sports stars and journalists. And for growing your business network then LinkedIn is still the place that professionals hang out. 

You will doubtless have the app for one of the above, and that’s before we get into the realms of Snapchat and Reddit. Research has also shown that even if we aren’t connecting with people then we have an insatiable appetite to learn, be entertained and educated. Between 2012 and 2017 there was an incredible 850% increase in the amount of mobile data that is being used as we grow more used to running every aspect of our lives on our mobiles. Fortunately, the massive increase in Wi-Fi means that most are now connecting through this so as not to use their data allowances and the days of not being able to ever connect should be a thing of the past with 4G being available for 82% of the time and the ability to connect 98.8% of the time when on 4G. 

This all means that without a working handset then much of our lives grinds to a halt. Of course, during these moments you need a fast, reliable and cost-effective solution and this is where Cell Tech are perfectly placed.

We are here to lend a hand with any issue affecting your phone so just pop into one of our local stores in Stockton Heath or Knutsford or give us a call. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android we offer a whole range of phone repairs from antenna replacements if you are struggling to make calls, microphone replacements if you aren’t being heard, camera replacements if yours has suffered from a drop or fall and even speaker replacements if you are unable to hear sound from yours! 

Get in touch today to see how we can help get your phone back online!

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