Since 2001 Cell Tech Innovations Limited has been one of the North West’s leading mobile device repair facilities and major suppliers of mobile device repair and refurbishment components, working within both the private and the public sectors. (Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust, Merseyside Police, Surrey and Sussex Police).

Starting out purely in B2C, Cell Tech has developed the business from the initial small retail store into both a bigger retail player and to providing B2B repair facilities that encompass an AATF (Environment Agency Approved, Authorised Treatment Facility), ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 27001 (information security) certified premises.

Cell Tech specialises in mobile device lifecycle services offering an end-to-end supply chain tailored to customers’ bespoke specifications.



Mobile devices for recycling which may or may not contain personal data are taken in by Cell-Tech and stored in a secure location which can only be accessed by authorised personnel until processed. The building is protected by a police-linked alarm and multiple CCTV cameras. When the devices are processed, the data is wiped by vetted staff using Blackbelt Datawipe™ which is ADISA Certified. A report is then generated which can be supplied on request. These processes are documented in the ISO procedures.

Our GDPR compliance is regularly monitored and aided by the privacy framework incorporated in ISO 27001.

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We boast a well-educated, highly-knowledgeable, dependable and well-trained team; in fact, between four staff alone, Cell Tech can boast an accumulated total of more than fifty years’ experience of the mobile phone industry. With a combined background of mobile phone forensics, business, IT, sales and electronics; a commitment to customer service excellence, and a well-evidenced continual improvement ethos, we consider ourselves best-placed to be able to offer first-class service levels. Our engineers are qualified to undertake a wide variety of repairs from screen replacements to nano soldering of board level components.

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