Top Tricks to Make the Most of Your Phone’s Camera!

In the past you’d need a fancy camera and some decent editing software to be able to take great quality pictures. Nowadays everyone can be an amateur photographer, and the great thing is all you need is a powerful little smartphone in your pocket to take Instagram-worthy photos!

With camera technology improving every year, now is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and make the most of your camera phone. And here’s how…

1. Clean up!

If you’re constantly on your smartphone, the screen can easily become smudged and dirty. It might seem obvious, but before you start taking pictures make sure there are no fingerprints or grease marks over your camera. A good quality screen cloth can soon clean things up!

2. Check your brightness

Simply adjusting your brightness can be the difference between a good picture and a great picture. Set the brightness by tapping your screen in camera mode and swiping up or down.

3. Go panoramic

If you’re taking pictures of landscapes, you can capture breathtaking shots by using the panorama mode on your camera. It can also be a fun and different way to capture your friends. Begin your panorama and every time you move, stop and have someone in the picture move (but still in shot). Keep doing this and you can have infinite fun!

4. Focus

Most smartphones will automatically focus on whatever’s in the foreground of your shot. To change where you want the focus, simply tap your screen in camera mode to ensure your subject is captured as clearly as possible.

5. Test it out

Lastly, play around with your camera’s functions and settings. Different settings can work best depending on the lighting, distance and subject. Try a few out and see how your picture changes!

So what are you waiting for! Get out there and start snapping.

If you’re ready and raring to go but have a problem which is affecting your smartphone’s camera then give us a call and get it repaired. We can fix anything from smashed screens to camera faults and sound issues, so make sure you get in touch as soon as possible. If you’re stuck for time, our expert technicians can even come out to you! Read more about our emergency call out service here.

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