The New iPhone 11 Is Here!

The much talked about iPhone 11 is due to hit the shops imminently and with pre-orders already being taken we thought we’d be good citizens and give you the low-down on all the good and surprising parts of this new piece of kit. First things first, is to work out which iPhone 11 is for you as three were released all at once. 

The standard iPhone 11 was released alongside the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, and Apple fans will know that it is really the spiritual successor to the iPhone XR. There is one thing that has become the standout feature on this launch and it is all down to one, or make that two, reasons. The iPhone 11 camera has had all the attention as it now features two 12 MP sensors creating a unique look. But it’s not just style over substance as they really are there for a reason. It now has wide and ultra-wide lenses, rather than wide and telephoto as many thought it would. There’s also a great new night mode that comes on automatically to brighten photos in low-light situations. 

It also now has QuickTake – a new video feature making it easier to take videos by long-pressing on the camera button. It shoots in 4k to add to the high-end cinematic feel. This version also features a new aluminium finish that Apple says is more durable and a battery that is claimed to last an hour longer than the previous XR. 

The new Pro and Pro Max add new colours with midnight green and a new gold finish together with the regular array of greys. The Pro versions pack more technology with further enhancements to the camera. The rumours were true and it now has a brand new triple camera system allowing you to take ultra wide shots, upgrades to the telephoto and wide-angle lenses. 

Most importantly for many is the upgrade to the front camera that means on selfie mode you can now fit more people into the frame. 

So will it be a success? From what we can see early signs have been good with strong presales in the UK and US which is good for Apple as many people are keeping their smartphones for longer as opposed to constantly upgrading. 

We expect it to have all the reliability of Apple products but of course any accidental damage is not something you can plan for. If you have any issues with your mobile then here at Cell Tech we want to help! Our wide range of services will get you back up and running in no time. Just call in to one of our convenient shops or give us a ring – we also offer a call out service if you’re very pressed for time. 

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