Make The Most Of Summer!

Summer is now in full swing. The parks are full of children playing and the beer gardens are overflowing with revellers. Many of us will be jetting off to even warmer climbs to enjoy the sun, sea and sand across Europe and beyond – guaranteeing the one thing we really want, sunshine and heat. 

Of course, summer wouldn’t be the same without snapping a few shots of your favourite sunset, enjoying good times with friends or seeing the kids playing happily. Your phone will be the one thing that will always be with you but there are increasing reports about how the heat can affect your phone’s performance. If you’ve ever noticed that your phone doesn’t seem to work as well during the heat then there could be a few reasons why.


Processing Problems

Your phone doesn’t have access to a fan or a sunhat so it has no way of keeping itself cool, this can really affect performance. All phones have processors in them which are the brains behind making everything work. As the processor heats up so does how it’s able to perform, the hotter it gets the more it struggles.


Battery Life

Both cold and hot weather can affect the performance of your battery but getting it too hot may lead to permanent damage. Batteries work by the chemicals within them reacting together to make electricity, and this produces heat. Add in the hot temperatures on your summer holidays (or England if we’re lucky) and the heat really begins to rise. If you notice your phone is getting hotter than normal then you need to take action and quick! The best thing to do is to turn the phone off and leave it in a cool place until it’s back to normal temperature, removing the case can help with this process. Never be tempted though to try and accelerate this process by putting it in the fridge or freezer. Rapid temperature changes can be just as bad and if your phone is in the freezer then this could create condensation which then gets trapped in it. 


Quick Tips


  • If your phone is getting hotter then leave it to cool down somewhere shady
  • Avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight or in hot places such as under duvets or in the car
  • Don’t use powerful apps for long periods of time, such as games these create lots of heat
  • Don’t use your phone as a GPS in a hot car as this really eats up battery power


Help Is At Hand

If you do notice that your phone isn’t performing as it normally does then there could be a problem. Of course, help is always at hand at Cell Tech. Our expert team have loads of experience in diagnosing and fixing all sorts of phone issues. Simply call into one of our convenient shops in Knutsford or Stockton Heath and one of our technicians will be able to quickly diagnose the fault and look at the best way of remedying it. And remember we are one of the few local providers who offer a Call Out service where we can come to you. 

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